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I believe it is clear when a person loves what they do, a specific look of conviction that conveys their passion. An attention to detail that is a result of the hours, days and years of practise and dedication to hone their skill. It is my belief you can see all these attributes within a well shaped piece of art.

I started a tattooing apprenticeship at 18 at a "walk in" studio in Christchurch for my first few years, allowing me to build a well rounded knowledge base. My tattooing quickly became influenced by Japanese tattooing during this time as I started to concentrate on the style. After a number of years I moved to Left Hand Path Tattoos (also in Christchurch), where I began specialising in realism.

I have spent my recent years merging my love of Japanese and realism together, to create a distinct look within my tattoos. I have also invested a lot of time into colour realism as of late which I especially enjoy. I’m constantly looking for a challenge, really love technical tattooing and am able to cover a large area of subject matter.

I am very honest with my clients and like to be granted artistic freedom in my work, playing to my strengths as an artist while incorporating your ideas. The more trust you have within my skills, the more natural this process becomes, resulting in the best work I can possibly do.

If you’d like to work with me, please send through your ideas. I welcome any questions. 

Cheers, Nick 


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