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I have always been interested in tattoos and art but I would've never imagined being a tattoo artist myself. It all kind of started when I filled an appointment a friend couldn't make at ship shape with Hoko. I was lying there getting tattooed and in front of me on the wall was a big mirror and I was watching Matt tattoo Millie Holmes' back and I was just mind blown and at that moment something told me to go home and start drawing. Fast forward about 2 years later and Matt is looking for an apprentice, so of course I jumped at it, and now here I am! It's pretty bizarre and it's still a bit of a dream! I'm one year into my apprenticeship and I'm looking forward to tattooing! I can't say at this stage what i would like to tattoo as with progression comes new ideas but i would like to have a mix of styles. I have spent the last year working with charcoal and also doing commissions in this medium so feel free to contact me with your ideas and I'll be happy to help.



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